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They offered numerous suggestions along with the prices listed out. When reaching out to Bromley Gardening Services, I was highly impressed by their exceptional and reasonably priced service that has exceeded my expectations. As someone who's always on-the-go, this has been a huge help for me.

  • I. Lomas

Polite and supportive as usual, achieved amazing results reliably, arranged for regular services from them.

  • Kathryn L.

Outstanding performance!! Prompt arrival, amicable attitude, and informative suggestions on my turf - he worked his magic on my jungle-like lawn and made it look like a manicured garden!

  • Peggy Hoffman

I've already scheduled future appointments with the diligent gardener who restored my garden's vitality.

  • Mark B.

Superior skillset in their workmanship, the paving looks superbly done and the team is professional and respectful. I strongly recommend them for any paving job. Thrilled with their work!

  • Gary Boden

Taking great care to be polite and courteous, this team meticulously plans each step of the project for a remarkable outcome. In all my years, I have not received such excellent service and confidently endorse their services.

  • R. M.

Our prior experience with Bromley Landscaping Company exceeded our expectations, making it a clear decision to hire them again for more paving in our backyard. We would strongly recommend their services.

  • P. Smith

From start to finish, these gardeners impressed us with their professionalism and skill.

  • Aurora Renton

Their impressive performance met our high standards and caused minimal disturbance during the entire process.

  • Olivia S.

Their timely completion of the job to perfection surpassed our expectations and caused minimal disturbance.

  • K. Lawrie

Thanks to this great experience, my lawn is now in perfect condition! The gardeners were efficient and trustworthy, and the price was just right.

  • Rachel T.

I couldn't be happier with the outcome - my lawn looks fabulous after this fantastic experience. The gardeners were efficient and trustworthy, and the price was very affordable.

  • Matt Bullock

Flawless exchange of information at a good price

  • Charlotte Martins

The results speak for themselves - this gardening service truly delivers on their promises.

  • Mark G.

Simply the best gardening service I have ever used - from initial booking to final delivery, everything was perfect.

  • Maria

Amazing gardening service that brings life and color to dull spaces.

  • Kathy Nathan

Fabulous service, exemplary quality service. Great work!

  • E. Skayhan

Punctual arrival and courteous manner. Job completed expeditiously and left no garden rubbish behind.

  • Maurice V.

This company's staff have great experience and they are always pleasant. They specialize in mature plants, trees and flowers.

  • Jordan S.

Glad for our recent fence. The entire fencing team did their best work, demonstrated graciousness, followed through on timeliness and tidied up completely before departing.

  • Karen McIntyre

With the help of Landscape Gardeners Bromley, what had seemed dire previously became beautiful. My garden's appearance had become terrible; brown and balding patches dotted around with no hope of revival. Fortunately though, after the hard work, I came back to see what could be described as perfection!

  • Alan

I'm incredibly pleased with what Bromley Landscaping Company have done in our garden - they've created a beautiful water feature and added lighting for when it gets dark which creates such a stunning effect with its many colors.

  • Miss. Tamara Silva

We are extremely pleased with the work done by GardenersBromley; they restored order to our chaotic garden and did so quickly and efficiently. They were very friendly and accommodating, and I highly recommend them.

  • Miley

Seasonal maintenance by Bromley Gardening Services has produced a better than expected outcome - an emerald, weed-free lawn! The service they provided was top notch and we couldn't be happier with their work.

  • Emma Wilson

Bromley Gardeners did an amazing job on our outside space in just a few short weeks. We're pleased with the hedge trimming results and can't wait to enjoy our beautiful new garden!

  • John

I'm so grateful to Garden Designers Bromley for their excellent gardening services and for being so helpful with tips for my own gardening in the future. They were punctual, professional and affordable.

  • Gordon Sharston

Bromley Gardening Services is one of the best gardening services I have used. Their garden landscapers are quite good at what they do and are cheaper than most gardening services.

  • Vela T.

I briefly discussed the details of the landscaping project with Bromley Landscaping Company and got a great quote. They then made the plans turn into reality. It was an amazing job.

  • Isha M.

I'll continue using Garden Designers Bromley whenever there's work to be done. The garden maintenance team totally turned around my run-down garden. It's a service that's stuck in my mind.

  • Joseph H.

This summer I got too busy to do my own lawn care. I called Bromley Landscaping Company based on a recommendation from a friend and was quite pleased with the work they did.

  • Sally Z.

I hired Bromley Gardeners to do some garden design for my small business. I felt like it would help me stand out, and just be nicer for my customers. They came out as scheduled and did a great job! Highly recommend them!!!

  • Justin H.

I saw the van across the street, and the crew was doing just regular garden care, and when they left? The neighbour's garden was stunning! So I called them. Bromley Gardeners definitely lived up to standards! Great job!

  • Peter G.

I was hesitant to try new gardening experts in my garden, but a friend had told me such good things about Bromley Gardening Services that I thought I would give them a go. Their dedication and skills impressed me so much that they're now my permanent service. I am very happy with their help.

  • Anthony O'Donnel

If you are in need of a decent team of gardening experts then I would recommend that you hire Bromley Gardeners. I know how hard it can be finding a decent gardening clearance company and so you can imagine how happy I was when I found this service! Great company, great services and excellent prices!

  • Anthony M.

Garden Designers Bromley were brilliant when I wanted my garden tidied up. I was fed up with the boring lawn, and so opted to hire professional help to landscape the plot. The experts called, and discussed what I wanted and then did it. I had the lawn removed and replaced with decorative stones and paved areas. This meant no more grass cutting. I had planters with plants and shrubs placed on the stones for colour but I don't mind caring for these! Special fabric was placed underneath for weed control which also cut down the work load. I now have an easy to maintain garden that looks good all of the time.

  • June Arnold

Garden Designers Bromley left me extremely satisfied. All the jobs were completed in good time and I was delighted with the end result. They did everything as they said they were going to do it and completed it all to an exceptionally high standard.

  • Kellie Munveen

Only Landscape Gardeners Bromley could provide me with the landscaping I needed. I had talked to other firms and none made me as confident as they did. This belief paid off once the work began, as they worked hard and safely to get my project done. The result was better than I could have hoped, as I now have the garden of my dreams. If you want such a garden, they are only one phone call away.

  • Bobby Mathers

We recently got our garden redesigned with the help of Garden Designers Bromley. I always wonder how they showcase such brilliant designs. During brainstorming sessions, they think out of the box designs to suit our house and surrounding. I know it is a tough job but these skilled gardeners make it seem easy to accomplish. I am in awe of their innovative design ideas. My daughter will be contacting you soon for landscaping. I am sure your team will be of great help to her too!

  • Robert K.

I luckily came across Bromley Gardeners when they did some work on my neighbours' garden and I couldn't help but have a little nosy. I was staggered at what they had managed to do, so I thought that I'd hire them to work on my garden. The results of their work were fantastic, and I have to say that their gardeners were polite, courteous and just a joy to be around. I'll most definitely be storing their details in my phone book!

  • Tiffany A.

When you've got a family it's hard to keep on top of your garden. I would recommend you call Garden Designers Bromley who are local gardening experts who can quote you a really reasonable price for their professional services. Whether it's just a one-off garden tidy up or like me, you want a more regular garden maintenance service - they have a fantastic offer that you won't be able to match anywhere.

  • Peter M.

I haven't got much of a lawn but I do have a really nice patio area. Bromley Gardeners recently came to clear my patio of weeds and their gardening professional gave me some ideas on what I could do with the space to make it better. I took his advice and now have the prettiest container garden in the neighbourhood. Thanks guys!

  • Antonia S.

The work carried out by Bromley Gardeners has been of excellent standard and fairly priced. I have approached a number of companies earlier and so I know well that many others overcharge for even simple tasks like leaf clearance. I have often called them on short notice but they have still arrived on time to carry out the work and I never had to look for another gardener. Their efforts and skills are definitely commendable.

  • Fred

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